According to LiveScience, people can remember up to 10,000 faces, and possibly even more. Make sure your face is one of them by making good use of your headshot in Medicare marketing.

The Importance of Headshots

Business2Community states that, among other benefits, using a human face in a marketing campaign can make a brand easier to remember, identify with, interact with and trust.

Many people want to be able to put a name to a face. When you’re marketing yourself as a Medicare insurance agent, you also need to stand out from the national companies with 1-800 numbers offering Medicare coverage. Including a headshot in your Medicare marketing ensures that your clients and prospective clients see you as a real person who is there to help them.

How to Use Your Photo

The mere exposure effect is a psychological concept that describes how people tend to prefer things they are familiar with. In other words, simply encountering something repeatedly can make use like it. With this principle in mind, get your photo in front of Medicare enrollees as frequently as possible.

  1. Put your photo on your social media profiles. You may be tempted to use a logo, a picture of a pet, or something else. Don’t. This is YOUR social media profile, so make sure people see you when they look at it. Include your headshot on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and any other social media profile that your clients might come across.
  2. Put your photo on your website. Your website is another logical place to include your headshot. Whether visitors stumble across your site while looking for Medicare insurance or go directly to your site because they’ve already interacted with you, make sure they see your face.
  3. Put your photo on your business card. Imagine you give your card to someone you meet in person. The card gets stashed away and forgotten until it’s dug up a few months later. Having your photo on the card could help ensure the person notices the card and remembers you – instead of just throwing it out. When your clients hand out your business cards to friends and family, a photo can also help make a connection.
  4. Put your photo in your email. These days, many email services let you upload a photo to your account. When you send an email, your photo appears with your name and contact information. Make sure you use a good headshot.
  5. Put your photo in all your other accounts. You probably have a Zoom account. Make sure your profile includes your headshot. Do the same for Skype, WhatsApp, and any other accounts you might use to communicate with clients or prospective clients.
  6. Include your photo in press releases, event announcements and media outreach. Are you trying to get the word out about an event you’re hosting? Or maybe you’re submitting an article to a local magazine or newspaper. Be sure to include your professional headshot.

If you need a professional headshot, we are hosting a professional headshot event for PTT agents at our office on Monday, May 17. Find out more and register here.