The whirlwind of AEP is finally over. You should have a sense of satisfaction for a job well done. It was thanks to your knowledge and expertise that your clients were able to enroll in the right Medicare plan. But you’re not done yet! There are some final housekeeping steps you need to follow over the next couple of weeks to wrap up any loose ends. It’s important to do this now because Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment is right around the corner.

Wrapping Up 2022

  • Verify Your Client Enrollments
    Make sure your submissions are going through correctly. If there are any issues, you’ll need to identify them quickly to ensure they can be fixed.
  • Give Your Clients a Call
    Call your clients to confirm they have received their new ID card. This is also a good opportunity to prepare them for what to expect next – for instance, they might receive a welcome call from their insurance carrier as well as a package containing pertinent materials, such as an OTC catalog. They may also need to complete a Health Risk Assessment. In addition, make sure your clients understand how all their extra benefits work, to be able to fully utilize them.

    Finally, let your clients know you will be reaching out to them throughout the year. This can help them distinguish between prevalent Medicare scams and legitimate contact from you or their insurance carrier. Remind them about the importance of staying alert to fraudulent activity.

  • Send a Thank You Card
    Many of your clients will appreciate the personal touch of a handwritten thank you note. Include your business card to ensure they remember who helped them. Let your clients know they can reach out to you any time with questions or concerns. Establishing this type of relationship can help you retain clients for years to come and could result in referrals to family and friends.
  • Organize Your Book of Business
    Make sure your client records are up to date in your CRM tool. Make note of your clients’ preferred method of contact, as they will appreciate this attention to detail and it will increase your contact rate.
  • Track Your Results and Set Goals for Next Year
    Once you have taken the time to celebrate your success with 2022 AEP, start looking ahead for ways to improve next year. Review which strategies worked well and yielded the most results – as well as those that were less effective. This will help you better allocate your resources, including your time, next year. It will also give you an opportunity to research and brainstorm new strategies for the future.

Looking Ahead to Early Next Year

The first quarter of the new year is a good time to follow up with your clients to ask about their coverage, especially if they have enrolled with a different carrier or on a different plan. Check if they have questions about their benefits. If they are dissatisfied with their coverage in any way or their circumstances have since changed, let them know about the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period from January 1 to March 31, when they can switch plans.

Organization, good record keeping, and planning ahead are all keys to being a successful Medicare agent. We are here to support you. Call us today.