It’s not too early to start to prepare your communication strategy for ANOC mailings. The time period in September when ANOC letters go out from carriers is often an overlooked opportunity to connect with clients prior to the start of AEP.

Carrier First Looks and ANOC Letters

Carrier First Looks and ANOC letters contain valuable information that will help you prepare for AEP. First Looks will give you an early glimpse at what is changing for 2025. While you can’t share this information with clients, it will help you understand what changes are coming and how they will impact your clients.

ANOC letters from carriers will let your clients know how their current plan will be changing for 2025. This includes changes to benefits, the drug formulary and out of pocket costs such as premiums, deductibles, copays, and the out of pocket maximum. For some clients, these changes will mean their plan is no longer the best fit for them. By proactively reaching out to them prior to AEP, you can reassure them that you will be available during AEP to review the changes with them and help them make an informed decision. They will appreciate your efforts.

Plan Ahead for Educational Meetings

Carrier specific educational group meetings are a great way to communicate with your clients about 2025 plan changes. You can start looking in advance at venues and dates to schedule your meetings. You should try to find a location that is easily accessible and has plenty of parking. Make sure your venue has an appropriate set up for your presentation.

You want to market your meetings far enough in advance to create awareness and maximize attendance. Plan ahead for any marketing materials you may need to promote your events through various marketing channels such as direct mail, social media and email.

You can hold different carrier meetings over several days. For example, one day you can meet with Humana clients and another day UHC clients. These meetings can be conducted in conjunction with the carrier’s representative who can help you present plan changes and answer questions. Being able to share information with a large number of clients at once is an efficient and effective use of your time.

Remember at the close of your meetings to encourage your clients to reach out to you directly once AEP begins to schedule a meeting with you to review the impact of any changes to their plan.

Be sure to take a few minutes after each meeting to assess how successful it was. This can give you useful insight into what can be improved for next time.

Stay CMS Compliant

Planning ahead also gives you time to file your meetings in advance with CMS and the carrier, as you are required to do. It’s important to know each carrier’s rules and timelines for registering since they can vary. This allows you to remain compliant with their requirements.

CMS rules allow for light snacks and beverages at your meetings. Gifts must be valued at $15 or less per person and must be given to everyone in attendance. Cash gifts are not allowed. You cannot use attendee information for raffles or drawings.

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