By 2030 an estimated 73 million baby boomers will have turned 65 at a rate of approximately 10,000 people per day. These new to Medicare enrollees will want to be educated on Medicare and will need help navigating their coverage options and enrollment timelines. Marketing to this T65 audience should be an ongoing year-round effort. You need to create a proactive and targeted outreach campaign in order to take advantage of this opportunity.

Marketing to T65 Prospects

Timing is crucial. It’s important to get your name out in front of these prospects before they make a decision. Many people will start researching their options long before they turn 65. Plan to reach out to prospects shortly after they turn 64 so you have time to establish a relationship and provide valuable education on their options. You should always keep CMS compliance rules in mind whenever you are reaching out to prospects.

Here are some strategies for engaging the T65 market:

  • Your Own Database – The information found in your CRM should be a good resource for leads. Use your CRM to track birthdays, leads and marketing campaigns so you can stay organized and optimize every lead. Tracking your sales can help you identify which lead sources and marketing strategies have been successful and which have not.
  • Referrals – Referrals are a great source for solid leads. Appointments set through referrals are more likely to result in a sale. Add referral requests to all your client communications. Many people who are new to Medicare will be seeking advice from their family and friends. Remind your clients you are here to help. Compliance Reminder: You cannot cold call prospects including referrals. Ask your current clients to pass along your business card or contact information so referrals can contact you directly.
  • Marketing and Advertising – Create specific marketing materials targeting the T65 audience. Build name awareness with an online presence through social media or a website. Keep your online messaging relevant and helpful.
  • Host Educational Events. – These events are a great way to generate leads and establish yourself as a reputable source of Medicare information. An educational event is your opportunity to educate, not sell. Compliance Reminder: Your event must be marketed as an “educational event.” You can provide general Medicare information but cannot market a specific carrier or plan. These events should be held in a group setting in a public venue. You can hand out your business cards and BRC’s, but you cannot display a sign in sheet or collect any contact information, SOA’s, or enrollment forms. Attendance at an educational event is not considered permission to contact. Remember if you intend to provide a small gift or takeaways to attendees, CMS has a single gift limit of $15 per person. Gifts must be given to everyone with no obligation.
  • Network and Join Community Groups – Join local groups such as the chamber of commerce, senior centers, clubs, and organizations where you can network, pass out business cards and build name recognition. Meeting face to face allows you to develop personal relationships and strengthen your reputation in the community.
  • Create Partnerships with Local Doctors Office – Build alliances with local provider groups and pharmacies where you can leave your T65 marketing information such as a flyer and business card. With a constant flow of patients and customers at these locations, this can be a good source for leads. Compliance Reminder: Marketing materials can only be displayed in common areas, such as waiting rooms, lobbies, conference rooms, and cafeterias. CMS rules prohibit marketing materials from being made available where patients receive care such as patient rooms and treatment areas. Common areas of a pharmacy counter are ok but not areas where patients interact with pharmacists and receive medications.
  • Buy Third Party Leads – Often used by Medicare agents, third party leads are one way to maintain a regular flow of T65 leads. You should work with a reputable lead provider to ensure you will receive pre-qualified, vetted leads, which are compliant with industry regulations.

Follow Up and Follow Through

You put a lot of time and effort into pursuing your T65 leads. Once you have made contact with a prospect you want to create a good impression right out of the gate. Be easy to reach, follow up in a timely manner and establish yourself as a source for reliable, accurate information. If you provide great customer service from the start, you will have a better chance of turning prospects into satisfied clients and they will become your next source of referrals.

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