While years of peace and relaxation might sound nice in theory, the reality can be much different. According to an article from Harvard Health Publishing, retirees sometimes have too little to do, resulting in depression, anxiety, memory loss, appetite loss and insomnia. The solution is to find a way to stay engaged. Fortunately, there are many ways to stay active, avoid loneliness and stave off boredom. Here are several options to consider.

Part-Time Work

Working during retirement might seem like a contradiction, but more and more people are making this choice. A part-time job can be a great way to add structure and purpose to your daily routine. It’s also a good way to earn money, which may be important if your retirement savings are thin. Just make sure you understand how making more money could move you up into a higher Medicare bracket, meaning that you’ll pay more each month for your benefits. If you’re collecting Social Security retirement benefits and you haven’t reached full retirement age, your benefits may be reduced based on your income.


Perhaps you want to work but don’t need the money. In that case, volunteering is a rewarding way to keep yourself busy while giving back to society. You can use your professional skills to help a worthy organization, or you can develop new skills. To find volunteer opportunities that match your skills and interests, check out VolunteerMatch.


If you’re both bored and lonely, joining a club can be a great way to have fun while meeting people. You could join a book club, for example, or a club based on a game or hobby you enjoy. To find clubs to join, check your local library or senior center. You can also join Meetup.com to find groups in your area. If you can’t find a club that interests you, consider starting your own.


It’s never too late to learn a new skill, and taking a class is a good way to keep your mind sharp. You can learn anything that interests you: cooking, dance, a foreign language, computer skills, music or whatever else strikes your fancy. Some colleges offer free or discounted tuition for senior citizens, so check your local college to see what deals they offer.


Now that the kids are grown and you don’t have to work, it’s a great time to see the world. If you’re nervous about traveling on your own, considering joining a travel club or tour group, but be sure to check reviews, prices and terms first.


Having a pet can be a great way to add joy and meaning to your life. Pet ownership can also help you stay healthy, especially if you have a dog that you take on walks regularly.  A study published in Scientific Reports found that dog ownership may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and result in a longer life.

Financial Stability

Last but not least is financial stability. It’s much easier to stay active if you’re not strapped for cash. If you need help with a retirement planning strategy, or if you want to find ways to save money on Medicare, contact PTT Financial.