Want to amplify your success this AEP? Add videos to your insurance marketing mix. Why? Because not everyone learns well by reading. Many people are auditory or visual learners, meaning they need to hear or see information to understand it. Videos can appeal to these types of learners. As an agent, there are many ways you can use videos.

1. Brush up on your own knowledge.

People forget a lot – possibly most – of the information they learn. Although exactly how much and how fast we forget will depend on numerous factors, the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve, developed by German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus, has been used to show that we’ll forget information quickly if we don’t work to retain it. After just a couple of days, you could forget more than half of what you’ve learned if you don’t reinforce the knowledge.

It’s not just you. Everyone forgets things. This is why everyone needs to brush up on their knowledge. Even if you think you’ve mastered insurance issues, some reinforcement of the material will help you remember everything you’ve worked hard to learn. Videos are a great way to do this.

2. Answer questions from clients and prospects.

Think about the questions clients and prospects tend to ask you. There’s a good chance you get asked some of the same questions again and again. This is because there are some important issues that happen to be complicated and confusing.

Unfortunately, explaining these issues over and over again can eat up a lot of your time. If you try to rush, you might leave something out. A video is a great way to answer questions in detail. Even better, clients can pause and re-watch videos as much as they want to ensure that they understand everything.

Send videos to your clients and prospects. After they’ve had a chance to watch the videos, follow up to see if there are any other questions you can answer.

3. Touch base with clients.

You don’t want to forget important information. You don’t want your clients and prospects to forget about you, either. As an agent, you know it’s important to reach out to your clients frequently.

Sharing an educational video is a great way to do this. Simply pick a video and send a link to your client. Say that you thought the information might be helpful and that you’re available to answer any other questions that come up.

Where can you find great videos?

Now that you know how to use videos, you’re probably eager to find some good ones. The PTT YouTube Channel has lots of great videos to choose from. They cover important topics, like how to apply for low-income subsidies and how open enrollment periods work. Check out and subscribe to the PTT YouTube Channel today.