Cecilia Buitureira

Contracting Coordinator


Cecilia Buitureira believes you have to have passion for what you do.

Her passion is for helping people. As the Contracting Coordinator, she’s responsible for serving as the liaison between agents and carriers to ensure that agents have the contracts they need. But even once she’s done her part, she doesn’t see her job as finished until the agents are ready to work. This means that she’ll continue offering support if problems arise. If agents return with questions regarding quotes, decisions or other issues, she’s happy to help with that, too.

Agents can always count on her to provide answers. If she doesn’t know something, she’s happy to find out for them.

Cecilia studied to be a medical office assistant at the South Texas Vocational Technical Institute. After several years in the medical field, she used her knowledge of Medicare to transition to a career in the insurance industry.

When she first joined PTT Financial, it was as a receptionist, but she was quickly promoted to a position handling contracts. To her, working for PTT feels like being part of a big family. She enjoys the hands-on work she does with agents each day.

When Cecilia is not at PTT, she can be found spending time with her actual family. She and her husband have two sons and two daughters.