Life Insurance is vital to the financial security of all families. If we consider all those that we love and the enormity of what they may face at our time of death we would hope that debt and financial burdens would be the last thing on their mind. However without proper planning, those we leave behind may have to deal with unintended financial stress. Without proper protection, life continues, but at what expense to your family. PTT Financial can help guide you to find a life insurance to best suit you and your families’ needs. Life insurance can also be used for tax advantages and to pass on wealth to your loved ones.

Living Life Insurance: Did you know? Life insurance can be used for a lot more than providing for your loved ones in the event of your passing. With living life insurance, you accumulate cash value that can be used to help fund major expenses such as college or retirement. In addition, many life insurance policies now come with living benefit riders, which help you cover expenses related to critical illness or long-term care.

Indexed Products: Indexed annuities and life insurance products allow you capitalize on the upside of the stock market without taking the risk of the stock market. Indexed products earn a guaranteed minimum interest rate. These products allow you to earn above average returns when your selected index does well. Death benefits are typically income tax free and not subject to lengthy probate processes. Accounts grow tax-deferred like an IRA.

Health Insurance for individuals and families is another specialty at PTT Financial. The Affordable Care Act is its infancy and many families are experiencing issues and require extra help. Deciding which plan to enroll in is challenging. Bronze Plans, Silver Plans, Gold Plans, Platinum Plans, Deductibles, and Co-Insurance are terms we will explain thoroughly. PTT Financial has the knowledge and experience you need to navigate through the Annual Enrollment Process.

Funeral Services, otherwise known as Pre-Need, is an underutilized benefit for every family. Funeral Planning is a gift every individual can leave for their loved ones. Traditional Burial Services, Cremation with Viewing, Direct Cremation, Forwarding of Remains are parts of the Funeral Planning process. Let PTT Financial guide you during this delicate process.

Employer Benefits cover a wide scope of insurance. Accident, Disability, Cancer, and Critical Illness are various plans that we at PTT Financial are adept in and can efficiently guide both employer and employee through the enrollment process. With so many choices, PTT Financial will make sure that our clients make informed decisions. Furthermore, we will be sure that our clients get the customer service needed during the claims process.