PTT Financial is pleased to announce a new $100 gift voucher to help with your recruiting efforts. 

Here’s how it works:
Your recruits need to sign up and pay for the Texas Insurance License Course. They will also need to cover the cost of other licensing costs as follows:
  • $200 Cost of the Course
  • $62 Cost of Licensing Exam
  • $43 Cost of Fingerprinting
Once the student has become licensed and is contracted under PTT as an active agent, PTT will redeem the $100 voucher by giving the newly licensed and contracted PTT agent a $100 check. You may want to let them know that once they are licensed, there is one last fee they will need to pay which is $61.13 paid to the Texas Department of Insurance.
Make the licensing process more affordable and accessible by offering your recruits this incentive!
Your PTT Financial Team
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