I started Liberty Tax in 2008, at the time we did not provide any kind of insurance products. I love my business of helping people with their taxes. I soon discovered that insurance and taxes are two similar products that customers needed help with.

In 2013 I had the pleasure of meeting Albert Robledo, when I purchased some partitions for one of my call centers. I did not know very much about him, only that he had an insurance business. In the past I had been approached by many in the insurance business but it wasn’t until I ran into Albert again at a concert that we talked about doing some business together.

Rather than trying to do things on my own, I decided to work with PTT Financial and Albert.
With PTT Financial I have started to grow my business even more and it has helped my staff learn from the best. Not only do I love the business that I first started but I am now able to help my clients in so many other areas as well.

I recommend PTT Financial to anyone who is looking for growth opportunities and to expand their book of business.

David Perez Owner-CEO Liberty Tax /Freedom Insurance February 17, 2017

I have been with PTT Financial 8 years, since 2009 The advantage to be under PTT is locality. You’re not too far when I need their support and training. Having a place for Training for my future agents is an advantage that benefits both my agents and myself. Thank you for all you all do! Overall, the owner of PTT Financial and his staff are great to work with. They are always there to provide support and service.

Delia Rivera Aging and Disability Insurance Services - PTT Agent February 17, 2017

I started my career in the insurance business in Austin over 19 years ago. I have worked with Life Insurance, Annuities, LTC and Medicare over the span of my career. Four (4) years ago I joined Albert Robledo at PTT Financial and have experienced significant growth in my Business. He helped me expand my Medicare business and created opportunities that allowed me to grow.

In my career I have been with many Marketing groups but have never felt the care and friendship that is displayed at PTT Financial. Albert and his staff have proven to me that I am not only an agent to them but a friend as well; PTT Financial has a family environment that I have never encountered in the workplace.

What I appreciate about Albert is how he is truly interested and sincere about agents growing and reaching new levels. He is constantly bringing in trainers that specialize in different fields giving individuals an opportunity to acquire new skills and stand out among other agents. I am grateful to Albert and his staff for allowing me to be part of their family.

Gabriel Tovar Tovar Financial Group - PTT Agent February 17, 2017

My insurance career nearly spans two decades as an agent and in corporate management. I have yet to come across another agency that gives agents the tools, support and environment needed to succeed. Look no further than PTT Financial.

Jason Wegener PTT Agent February 17, 2017

Trusted Senior Specialists is honored to have had the opportunity to partner with PTT Financial since 2008. To be successful, a company must be dedicated, committed, and loyal to the community it serves. We’ve been totally impressed with the leadership of Albert Robledo and his incredible staff at PTT Financial. It is because of their hard work, and professional attitude, that the agency has reached the level of success that it has. With this success, they have also gained a certain level of familiarity. More and more people are getting to know the PTT Financial name. PTT Financial has built a reputation for providing reliable information and excellent service, not only in Texas, but throughout the United States. In combining the efforts and talents of our two teams, we have achieved significant growth over the years. It is a pleasure for Trusted Senior Specialists to share in the success and accomplishment of PTT Financial and we look forward to our continued partnership for years to come.

Michael and Melinda Wilhem Trusted Senior Specialists February 17, 2017