Eduardo Morales

Insurance Specialist

Eduardo G. Morales is the type of person other people like opening up to, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

As an Insurance Specialist at PTT Financial, he supports funeral planning, employee benefits, financial planning, life insurance and health insurance products. When independent agents need to be recertified, he helps guide them through the process and offers advice if problems arise. He also organizes senior activities and seminars on Medicare.

Originally from Mexico, Eduardo studied Chemical Engineering at the Universidad de Monterrey. Later, he earned another degree in Psychotherapy. Since those degrees were earned in Mexico, they are not valid in the United States. After moving to California, he studied to be a Life Coach at the Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael. He has worked as a steel-making trainer, as a banker and as a life coach. His path to insurance has been a winding one, but to him, his various occupations are not so different. At their core, they have all been about educating and helping people.

Education about insurance products is sorely needed. Many people do not understand the advantages of various products and cannot use them to benefit their personal finances as a result. At PTT, Eduardo wants to have access to many people so he can give them the knowledge they need to make real improvements in their lives.

He’s concerned about more than just people’s insurance portfolios. He enjoys getting to know others on a personal level, and many people find that he is particularly easy to open up to. He joined PTT Financial because of the company’s focus on helping people and contributing to the community, things he is very passionate about.

He is married with two adult children. His son lives in Mexico, and his daughter graduated from Berkeley and now works in New York. In addition to working and helping others, he enjoys books, music and photography.