Cecilia Buitureira

Contracting Coordinator


Ms. Cecilia M. Buitureira, is the contracting coordinator at PTT Financial and has been with PTT Financial since 2013. Ms. Buitureura began as a receptionist and through her varied skills has become a valuable leader. As a detailed oriented person she is an essential liaison between the agents and the insurance companies. She works diligently to help PTT Financial agents finalize and process their contracts. A true asset in her role as contracting coordinator. Ms. Buitureura is also experienced in Funeral Planning and with the help of her mentor, Monica Lara, she is equipped to service all contracting needs.

Her goal for the agency is to build long lasting relationships with all agents. She is always available to help with all contracting questions. Her core values include honesty and integrity. She takes pride in meeting both agent and client needs.

Ms. Buitureura enjoys getting to know agents and is more than a professional, she is part of the PTT Financial Family.