PTT Financial Cartoon of the Week: I Retire on Friday and I Haven’t Saved a Dime

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PTT Financial Cartoon of the Week: All My Money is Tied Up in Futures

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How to Use Living Life Insurance for Retirement Planning

A life insurance policy offers important coverage, but not only because of the financial assistance it provides should an unexpected death occur. Living life insurance policies are also valuable retirement planning tools. Not Just About the Death Benefit When most people consider purchasing life insurance, they focus on the death benefit. This is the most [...]

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PTT Financial Cartoon of the Week: Which is a Smarter Financial Move?

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Got Student Loans? You’ll Love This Cartoon From PTT Financial

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Retirement Planning – How Can Indexed Annuities Help?

Americans are falling behind on retirement savings. The Economic Policy Center reports that only 61 percent of families ages 56 to 61 have retirement savings, and that the average value of the savings for that age group is only $163,577. For younger families, the numbers are worse. People are simply not prepared for retirement. To [...]

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You’re Invited to the AETNA Medicare Member Meeting

If you are an Aetna Medicare member, you are invited to attend this informational meeting, led by Aetna Representative Victor Mireles. DATE:  Friday, May 19 TIME: Choose 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. or 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. LOCATION: PTT Financial Conference Room, 1325 E. Washington Ave., Harlingen WHAT’S INVOLVED: Great information, light refreshments and giveaways YOU [...]

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