10 Ways to Write Your Way to More Medicare Insurance Sales

Earlier this week we gave you some tips for keeping in touch with clients throughout the year. After all, you’re in the business of earning trust and building relationships, and that process takes time. How you communicate with prospects is just as important. Communication is at the heart of your insurance marketing efforts, and you [...]

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Three Ways to Use Direct Mail for Medicare Marketing

Direct mail remains an effective tool for Medicare marketing. While a growing number of seniors – 66 percent in 2018, according to the Pew Research Center – use the internet, this still leaves a significant percentage of seniors who don’t regularly go online. Direct mail is a tried and true way of reaching out. Here [...]

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Medicare Scams – Share This with Clients!

What you don’t know CAN hurt you – especially if scammers are using it against you. CMS is sending out new Medicare cards. Some beneficiaries don’t know this, however, and many others are only vaguely aware of the process. Con artists are taking advantage of this to steal people’s money and personal information. To Avoid [...]

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Agents: Is Your Business Card Ready for Business?

People don’t like to be rushed into decisions. They want to have time to think. Unfortunately, this can also give them time to forget. A business card is the solution. By handing out your business card, you’re providing prospective clients with an easy way of getting in touch with you. You’re also making it easy [...]

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Programs for Low-Income Medicare Clients

Help is available for low-income Medicare beneficiaries. Many people don’t know their options, however, and may miss out on the financial aid they need and deserve as a result. Agents need to help spread the word. Why Should Agents Pay Attention? Many Medicare beneficiaries don’t apply for help because they don’t know about the programs [...]

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How Improving Your Communication Skills Can Improve Your Business Results

As humans, we are social creatures. Much of what we do involves communication: the better we communicate, the more we can achieve. As an insurance agent, your communication skills are closely tied to your business results. If you want to make more sales and advance your career, you may need to assess the way you [...]

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New Medicare Cards Will Improve Personal Security

Medicare beneficiaries face a conundrum. They’ve been told they need to keep their personal information secure from identity thieves. Because wallets can be lost or stolen, this means not carrying their Social Security card in their wallet. But their Medicare card also shows their Social Security Number. If they keep this in their wallet so [...]

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Marketing Medicare to Seniors Turning 65

Every day, 10,000 people celebrate their 65th birthday in the United States. That’s a huge number of people aging into Medicare each and every day – and a huge opportunity for insurance agents. Use these tips to tap into the T65 market. Get referrals. If you already have clients around this age, chances are they [...]

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Insurance Agents: Learn How to Make Goals That Stick

New year, new you – or so we like to imagine. The truth is that we do not become new people when a new year starts. The beginning of a new year is the traditional time to create resolutions and attempt to change things for the better, but many of these resolutions don’t survive long [...]

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Do Insurance Agents Need Errors and Omissions Insurance?

Errors and omissions insurance is professional liability coverage. It’s commonly abbreviated as E&O, but you may hear it called professional liability insurance (PLI) or professional indemnity insurance (PII). Regardless of the term being used, it’s important. E&O protects financial professionals against claims of negligence – from any errors or omissions that they make in the [...]

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