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Medicare Scams – Share This with Clients!

What you don’t know CAN hurt you – especially if scammers are using it against you. CMS is sending out new Medicare cards. Some beneficiaries don’t know this, however, and many others are only vaguely aware of the process. Con artists are taking advantage of this to steal people’s money and personal information. To Avoid [...]

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Buyers Beware of Prescription Drug Clawbacks

When you fill a prescription covered by your insurance, you probably assume that the retail price is higher than the copay that comes out of your pocket. That’s the point of insurance, isn’t it? You pay a monthly premium, and in exchange, the insurer helps pay for your doctor visits, prescription drugs and other medical [...]

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PTT Financial Cartoon of the Week: Good News – You Can’t Afford To Be Old

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PTT Financial Cartoon of the Week: Yes, We Have an Early Retirement Program

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Why Careers in Insurance and Financial Services are Booming

Are you looking for a new career opportunity? Then look no further than the insurance and financial services industry. These careers are booming, and it’s not hard to see why. Here are eight reasons to consider a career in insurance and financial services. The industry is growing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment [...]

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What Are the Keep Differences Between an Annuity and a Life Insurance Policy?

Perhaps you’ve heard that a life insurance policy can be used as a retirement planning tool. You’ve also heard that annuities are commonly used in retirement planning. This may have you wondering – what’s the difference? The Basics Annuities are financial products that produce a reliable income stream. Many people don’t have enough money saved [...]

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PTT Financial Cartoon of the Week: Are You Ready to Start Investing?

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How to Create Tax-Free Retirement Income

For many people, the only thing worse than talking about taxes is paying taxes. Sometimes, though, to avoid doing too much of the latter, you have to do the former. Taxes take a big bite out of your working income and they also take a big bite out of your retirement income. Not even your [...]

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PTT Financial Cartoon of the Week: Where is that Retirement Income Stream?

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Agents: Is Your Business Card Ready for Business?

People don’t like to be rushed into decisions. They want to have time to think. Unfortunately, this can also give them time to forget. A business card is the solution. By handing out your business card, you’re providing prospective clients with an easy way of getting in touch with you. You’re also making it easy [...]

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